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How to Make Bust Sling Bras
by Don McCunn

Volume 3 – Bra Variations

Cover for How to Make Bust Sling Bras: Volume 1 - Bra Variations
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    Hybrid Bust Sling Bra
  • Prepare the Pattern
  • Sewing the Hybrid Bra
  • Racerback Bust Sling Bra
  • Draping the Racerback Pattern
  • Sewing the Racerback Bra
  • Zipper Front Bust Sling Bra
  • Sewing a Zipper Front Bust Sling Bra
  • Bust Sling Nursing Bra
  • Creating the Pattern
  • Sewing the Nursing Bust Sling Bra

This e-Book shows four variations for the design for a Bust Sling Bra based on the patterns created in Volume 1 and Volume 2. The designs include a Hybrid variation that adds a conventional bra's rib cage band. This optimizes the position of the Bust Sling in front and provides support for soft tissue "fluff" on the side of the body. The Racerback provides support across a wide portion of the back. The zipper front style allows for an easy opening front. And the Nursing Bust Sling Bra addresses the issues described on the web page Nursing Bras

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